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The world

Abstraction. The world is fucking amazing. I don't believe in god, I believe in love, a human creation. What people call god I call the world: all of this, the universe, everything that exists. It doesn't need a creator. Why make one up? The world just is. God is an abstraction we made up to fill a fearful void: a world that was never created. Time that is simply infinite, no beginning or end. That makes our puny minds squeal and run for refuge in an imaginary god. Language thrives on abstractions. They're just empty words about words. So we create an abstraction for everything that is, the spirit of the universe or whatever you want to call it, and we call it god. There is no fucking god. Just like every other abstraction, god is a mentally created nothing. What there is is the world.

The world actually exists. It's pathetically obvious that god is a human creation, created differently in each language and culture to suit the needs of the god creators. God creators create gods to get things done, i.e. to get money or power. Love is a human creation too, but love isn't created out of words, in the head. Love is mutually created between two people who pay attention to each other and care about each other, and no words are required. With all the splendor of the world, why keep making up fictitious entities? What's the point? Isn't this enough?