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Oceanic. Submission is to surrender as being is to doing. I actively surrender to my wisdom to begin working. I live my life in submission to my wisdom. Living in a creative space, my natural inclination is to do nothing, just be. But consciousness and conscious work are critical. It's how I make progress. So surrender is critical to get me over that hump from oceanic bliss to good old fashioned hard work.

Headroom. Surrender has no settled state. It's ongoing. No resting on laurels. I have to surrender to whatever's next on my spiritual journey. Booze and pot have been my two biggest challenges so far. Homelessness gave those two a run for their money. I had to do a lot of things that took surrender to get clean and sober. I had to surrender even more, and then more, to escape homelessness. There's always another mountain, another big challenge coming. Running out of challenges would be the worst thing possible, a dead end. But there's no shortage of headroom in spiritual growth.

Right now. The only time I can surrender is right now. Surrender has to be immediate or it's not surrender. It can't be soon as I get this other job done or OK but after breakfast. Now it the only time I can surrender. Now is the only time there is.