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Submission. My relationship with my wisdom is one of complete submission. My wisdom is the spiritual master, and I am the willing and obedient but often careless student. Traditionally, spiritual seekers have to give up autonomy, surrendering self will to the teacher. That's why it's important not to have a human teacher. Humans don't do well with that much power. They abuse it, robbing disciples of money and sexual favors. My wisdom is my connection with everything that exists. My wisdom will never try to take advantage of me. My wisdom knows what works. My wisdom sees through time to any desired goal, sees the path that leads there, and guides me there.

Attraction. There's a way that I'm submissive in love. Not a sexual submissive, a love submissive. What my partner wants is more important than what I want. I feel this most keenly in the very early stages of a love affair, before it has begun. I'm not attracted to women not attracted to me. Attraction is a force two people mutually create. What makes a girl attractive to me is seeing and feeling her desire for me; it drives me crazy. Once I see that I'm a goner: she's the one for me.

I had a recent experience that caused me to doubt this. I still don't know what to make of it. I'll get it eventually.

Work. Nothing is better than doing the work my wisdom gives me. My wisdom gives me three kinds of work. The core work is surrendering to wisdom's love. I can't do anything unless I'm doing what I can to let my wisdom shine through me. With that as the foundation I have two projects. One is being wisdom's conscious assistant in writing these stories. The other is making my lover happy. Doing the work my wisdom gives me is how I make progress with love, and making progress is what gives life meaning. Nothing else does, pretend as we may. Nothing is more deeply satisfying and subtly pleasurable than this work. It's the pleasure and satisfaction of willingly submitting to my master, to do my master's bidding whatever it is. It is sometimes frustrating, and sometimes too demanding. It burns me out and I have to do something restful before I can go on.

Slave. Religions love the idea of submission. It's there in all of them. And no wonder. The whole idea is to keep the people submissive. Why not make it a spiritual virtue? It's even true. Submission is a spiritual virtue. But only if I submit to my own wisdom. Submitting to somebody's god is a recipe for slavery. Just what they had in mind. Religions are best avoided.