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In the world not of it

Saviors. Be in the world not of it. That old Sufi proverb, bible paraphrase, whatever it is was an article of faith in Boulder. We were the chosen ones, not of this world. Disguised as ordinary humans but of a superior breed, we were the saviors of the world. Recently that phrase came back to haunt me, the ghost of creepy times past. As I pondered it I came to see it's a good description of how I live now. Not how I lived in Boulder.

Alcohol. I am not of the world of alcohol. Global culture is saturated with alcohol. There's no dry ground left to stand on; it's all soaked with booze. Everyone considers drinking a normal part of life except people in AA. Even some doctors rally round the booze flag: a little booze is good for you! Pro tip: never trust pro-alcohol "science" from someone who drinks. That's like accepting "evidence" of racial superiority from a racist. More fundamentally, you can't do good science about people. That's way past what science can do. So you do proxy science about cells and chemicals and hope no one notices it's not about the bewilderingly complex systems known as people. To do good solid science about the effects of drinking you have to follow drinkers and nondrinkers through decades, preferably lifetimes. Of course that's not realistic. Nobody wants to hear the truth about alcohol. People drink and they know deep down it's bad for them. I'll repeat that. People don't want to know the truth about alcohol because they drink and they know deep down it's bad for them. My theoretical understanding of why alcohol is nasty is solid: it fucks up the human body's reward system. A drinker could never imagine the subtle pleasures any tiniest amount of drinking destroys. My anecdotal evidence is irrefutable: I am so delighted to live without booze after living with it, in varying amounts, for fifty years.

Diet. I am not of the world of food service. I cook my food at home. I use only whole natural ingredients. I don't get takeout or go to restaurants. I provide no support for the food service industry, not because I have anything against the industry, but because I like what I make at home better. I've studied food and cooking all my life, and under the guidance of my wisdom I've created a very specific, constantly developing diet for myself. I'm the only one who can cook the food I like, the food that provides a foundation for making progress. A foundation for me in particular. I would not recommend my diet for anyone else. I don't know what it takes for anyone else to make progress; I just know about me.

Facebook. I am not of the world of social media. Way back when I was naive I let Facebook access my contacts. People I wanted nothing to do with got the automated friend requests from me. I've learned a lot since then. My dislike of social media is a lot older than electronic social media. I don't like debate, discussion and the airing of views. That's all crap, a complete waste of time. I learned that the few months I was in SDS. Same goes for any kind of meeting. Great things are done by individual people and privately owned businesses. Not by work groups, task forces, nonprofits, legislative bodies, or anything resembling a committee. Committees create crap.