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I am not an artist. I'm not trying to be modest, I'm trying to make a crucial distinction. Writing is my only developed artistic skill. Under the close supervision of my wisdom, I produce these stories, a work of art. But I am not the artist, my wisdom is. I'm also not skilled enough to be an artist of dancing, but my musical background lets me taste what life as an artist of dance might be like. It's a wonderful taste. I can only be a consumer, not an artist, of painting, sculpture, and music, but I can be ennobled by them. Especially by music, because of my musical background. Turn it up and listen to these artists.

I'd call Hilary a force of nature but she's not. She's a force of profound, refined human culture. The opposite of nature.

Skill. Art is ennobling; artists are the real human nobility. Art is a perfect meritocracy, a nobility that can't be inherited, only earned by hard work. Real artists start young and train hard to develop the skill required for their art. Skill is the hallmark of an artist, skill that takes decades to acquire and refine. Success and popularity don't mean someone's an artist. Most of the great artists have died poor, unrecognized, miserable, or alone. Usually some combination of the four. The few exceptions are people who were already rich then became artists, like Mendelssohn. But he died miserable and way too young, so not much of an exception. Young people learn skills easily because they're not fully formed; they allow the skills they acquire to form them, to become part of who they are, their wisdom. Older people are already fully formed, so the skills they acquire can't penetrate nearly as deeply. Their skills remain superficial and can't become part of their wisdom.

Ennoblement. Anyone can be ennobled by art. I was ennobled by listening to Max Richter's music. I was in despair at the state of the world and my lonely place in it. I broke up with my sweetheart just as the pandemic was beginning. Max's sad music helped me love the world the way it is. If I put conditions on loving the world, I'm loving a fantasy world. Fantasy is just words, there's nothing real in fantasy. The beauty of his music ennobled me by showing me the beauty in it just the way it is. Here's an example that combines his music with an extraordinary video about sadness.

Training for ennoblement is training anyone can do. Classical music requires training because it's rich and subtle. It invites me in to explore and learn. I have to be able to grasp its depths; grasping those depths helps me make progress with love. Before I can grasp its depths, I have to do a lot of listening. I have to put my time and energy into the best human creations rather than settling for the most accessible ones, like the pop tunes we're bombarded with. Investing my time and energy is critical; it's the training required for ennoblement, and it's a way I can make progress with love.

Reincarnation and art. This ties in with reincarnation. If an artist made progress with love in previous lives, that progress will be in the realm of art, because creating art is an artist's way of making progress with love. That would enable the artist to become a better artist faster via wisdom accumulated regarding how and what to study. That's why I found it so easy to write. It also explains why some artists are prodigies, creating profound works of art at a very early age.