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Nature. My earliest memories are of spontaneous meditations in nature. Nature comforted me. It taught me science with help from my dad. I learned about nature in my study of history. I was hypnotized by nature. No matter how bad things got, nature was there for me. It gave my life meaning. At Philmont I talked to the fairies in nature. I discovered nature everywhere. Toward the end of my Boulder days I was able to connect with nature more deeply than I ever had. In my new home I feel nature all around me. I no longer feel the sinful atavistic urge to return to nature.

Best friend. When I was a kid nature was my best friend. I was born loving nature. All my earliest memories happen out in nature, the things that delighted me and jolted me awake. Well, and that switching from Dad. But even that was outside. It got me out of the stuffy church into the sunshine on a beautiful Sunday. I think that's what I must have been angling for, corporal punishment be damned. Unspoiled nature is the clearest evidence of my wisdom, which is love itself. Even if the nature's a little spoiled, there's a lot more love in dirt than there is in concrete. There's a lot more art in concrete.