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Imprinting: hoarding

Transmission. Elaine Rankin imprinted me with being a good writer. Konrad Lorenz imprinted himself on baby ducks. I imprinted on TH, confusing the message with the messenger.

In all cases, there was confusion between the real thing and a stand in. The baby ducks had a real biological mother. I had a real writing teacher, later spiritual teacher, my wisdom. Konrad, Elaine and TH served as intermediaries in a transmission. The tricky thing about transmission is my relationship with the intermediary. If I fixate on the intermediary I get in trouble. That's what happens with collectors, like my brother Tim. People who collect things because they're pretty but never use them, never get what's inside, the wisdom. It's like collecting food in pretty wrappers but never eating it. I used to be a book collector. I bought books because I wanted to have the books but many of them I never read. That's not healthy, that's just hoarding. Collecting is a disease, an ugly one. We're all horrified by stories of hoarders, but Aunt June with her Hummel figurines suffers from the same debilitating disease.