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Right. My wisdom is the right kind of master hypnotist. My wisdom has the same power over me that the master hypnotist has over his helpless victim in the fantasy, sexual or otherwise: I'll do anything my wisdom says to do. What wisdom made me do to stop drinking is a great example. Drink more to stop drinking? But I obeyed wisdom's commands, to the letter, and it worked. My wisdom is love itself, which is who I really am, so it's not just safe to be hypnotized, it's crucial. Same with pot. I had zero interest in cannabis, less than none: I hated that shit. But I took it up as wisdom demanded, and this time I escaped addiction in all its forms, plus I got shocked into a higher state.

Wrong. Alcohol is the wrong kind of master hypnotist. The world is in thrall to alcohol. People accept alcohol as friendly and innocuous everywhere. It's a masterpiece of hypnotic PR: social and scientific authorities all over the world agree that drinking is a social and public health disaster. Advertising makes that all disappear. People who drink aren't sick; drinking makes you happy, charming, beautiful. Walk like a chicken, quack like a duck? Anything you say, Master. Anything.

Love is hypnotic. Love hypnotizes us all. When I fall in love I'll do anything for my beloved and she'll do anything for me. Dan Savage calls this GGG: good giving and game. The attitude lovers should have toward each other. We all fuck it up, and not in a good way. I fuck it up by thinking what makes me happy will make my lover happy. I can say that in fewer words: I fuck it up by thinking. My body, which is my wisdom, knows what'll make my lover happy. I can't get that message unless I've surrendered to my wisdom and nobody does that. I've been working at it all my life and it's still a huge struggle. Most people don't try. They substitute thinking. And they fuck it up. Most people are lousy lovers.