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Recreational drugs

Timeline. Booze and pot were the two recreational drugs Kenya introduced me to, and they became my theme song. They were the tune of my whole life for more than 50 years. In Kenya I drank until I discovered pot, then mostly stopped drinking until 1968, when I swapped drugs with Sam and Gail. In college I stopped smoking pot when I found I couldn't maintain a train of thought. I switched to alcohol and stayed with it exclusively from 1970 to 2016, when my wisdom made me quit drinking. In 2018 my wisdom made me take up pot again until my wisdom woke me up and made me quit recreational drugs for good in late 2019. My wisdom drove me into both booze and pot. My wisdom accelerated that process as best it could given limited influence. Once I surrendered wisdom drastically accelerated booze then pot, in each case forcing me to a crisis that made me give up booze then recreational drugs of all kinds. That was my left hand path through drug use.

Harm. Booze causes physical harm, pot causes psychological harm. It amplifies mental noise, feeding the inherent madness everyone already has whether they know it or not.

For me, the psychological harm caused by pot was much rougher, much harder to deal with. Pot shut down my natural ability to be clear and to be in direct contact with my wisdom. It replaced the real magic of spontaneous meditation with fake chemical magic. My ability to contact my wisdom started coming back in 2006, when wisdom spoke to me. My ability to be in direct contact with my wisdom didn't come back until wisdom woke me up in 2019. Waking up is an adult version of the natural openness to wisdom kids have. I had a lot of it before pot.