Table of Contents

Demands of love

Dream. Love demands I dream The impossible dream.

I have to be willing to march into hell for love's heavenly cause. To make progress I have to surrender to love's demands and submit to my wisdom. Love demands I do my best, be my best. What love demands may seem impossible. Love has never demanded anything I wasn't ready to give, however impossible it may have seemed. Love has never demanded anything I wasn't delighted I gave. Giving in to love's impossible dreams always results in progress with love. Love's demands push me to my limits then beyond; that's the progress I make.

Anesthesia. Love sometimes has to anesthetize or more likely synesthetize me so I can meet its demands. Love, aka my wisdom, has access to everything in me. Love works with my sensory processing. It can change or create sensations. It can create a pain or make one go away. It can create or change any kind of sensation: sights, smells, sounds, anything. Love can make me feel like I'm dying if that's what I need. Or drown me in ecstasy.

Patience. More than anything else, love demands my patience. Making progress with love demands a new level of patience. The processes of spiritual development are varied and unpredictable. They're mostly hidden. More than anything else I have to let them take their time, to rush nothing, to bide my time.

Have faith. Love also demands I have faith. I have seen and felt the power of love in my life. Love works miracles as if they were child's play. I have to remember that and have faith in love when love asks me to do the next impossible thing.

Present. Love demands that I be present. For most of my life I've been asleep. Now I'm struggling to be present. To be present I have to slow down. The slowing down love demands has nothing to do with how fast I move. It's an internal slowing down. Love stubbornly demands I stay right here with this moment and not get ahead of myself.