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Consciousness separates us. I implies a separate conscious sense of self. I and me are how I refer to myself as a separate entity. Whether we like it or not consciousness separates humanity as we know it from the rest of the world and nature.

Wisdom rewrites creatively what I write consciously. I am not an artist of any kind, even though my words may make it sound that way. The artist of these stories is the artist of my life: my wisdom. My life is my wisdom's only work of art. My wisdom and I collaborate to create these stories. The more I surrender the harder it is for me to tell us apart. But it's clear to me I could never do this on my own. My wisdom and I work back and forth. I'll write something, and I can be more or less off target, but I'm always off target. My wisdom works with me to get it right via muscle testing and body sensing. Sometimes I get it quickly. At other times it's a long exhausting process. In both cases my wisdom shows me how far off base my original fluency drill was. My wisdom's improvements are not intuitive. They're not the way I like to write. Short hemingwayesque sentences. That's not my style. I'm often conflicted about them. I have to read my wisdom's text a few times before I get it. My wisdom is patient.