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Past, present, future. I am the creation of my own past: I create myself as I move through life. I'm an ongoing creation, forever a work in progress, and everything I've ever done, every choice, every road taken or not taken, everything that ever happened in an uncountable number of lifetimes all adds up to me right now. Most of the changes are minute. In this life I have made some substantial ones, like quitting drugs. But the really big changes can only happen at the moment of death, the moment Leela, my future, takes charge. Leela has the power to change anything about my next birth: where, when and to whom I'm born. All the circumstances of my birth and childhood plus genetics custom tuned for the work I want to do. Leela wants me to make progress with love. My new start will be whatever situation best equips me for that. The key element: surrender to Leela.