Musicality Lab & Workshops with Z

Every Tuesday evening: a challenging intermediate-level workshop aimed at giving you tools for connecting more deeply and dancing more musically and playfully. Lynn & I teach Musicality Lab together. When Lynn's unavailable I teach solo.

Open role, gender neutral, collaborative

Students are encouraged to dance both roles, at least trying out the less familiar role. This is a key element supporting collaborative leading and following, partner dancing as a real conversation. Lead/follow balance is thus never an issue in workshops, a pleasant side-effect of humane, egalitarian partner dancing. As if it needed more to recommend it.

Combining the wisdom of tango and blues/swing

Workshops are anchored in the extraordinary depth of these two traditions, extracting and combining the wisdom they contain about how two bodies can move together musically. Either of these dance traditions contains lifetimes of dance wisdom. Combine the 2? OMFG.

Starting points: the open box and 8-count swing/blues/foxtrot

8-count because swing/blues/foxtrot music is all 8-count: the universal phrase is two 4-beat measures. The open box is a simplified version of the tango box/8-step basic which was widely taught through most of the 20th Century, and which has become popular again with some tango teachers. These are easy to learn; you can get the gist of either in a few minutes, and spend the rest of your life exploring it.

The goal: you dancing musically your way

Dance as a full expression of the song playing right now, rather than using the song as a mere metronome, mechanically executing a series of dance moves in time.

Musicality Lab

Musicality Lab is taught by Zachariah and Lynn together. It grew out of the discoveries we made dancing together and swapping roles as we danced. Using our experience as an example, we work with you to develop your own way of dancing musically in both roles.

Workshops with Z

For years now I've used partner dancing as a tool for personal growth, for liberation. I'd love to encourage other dancers to use it that way. My goal is not to teach you to dance like I do, but to encourage you to dance like you do, and to dance more deeply, fluidly, and musically.

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