Welcome to Waltz etcetera! Now 2 weekly dances.

Waltz etcetera every Monday, Alt tango etcetera every Wednesday.

Z's dance agenda

Calendar view here.

Monday 4/6: Waltz etcetera - Foxtrot classes

6:30pm: Beginning and Intermediate drop-in classes run simultaneously. $15 for the class, or $20 for class + dance.

Zachariah & Lynn present Alt tango etcetera

Alt tango etcetera happens every Wednesday, 7:30 - 10:30 pm (maybe later). We play juicy, delicious, mostly contemporary music, the kind that gets played for alternative tango, fusion, alternative blues. Music for intimate dancing. The focus is tango, but we love lots of different kinds of dancing, so feel free to dance to this juicy music however you're inspired, using whatever you know: WCS, one-step, waltz, NC2, kizomba, anything, even tango ;-).

Most of our favorite tunes have no dance style or genre stamped on them. They're not "made for dancers," following the rules & conventions of some dance, they're creative expressions that call us to dance, to make our own creative expression. We aim to create a dance where all boundaries are open and nothing is forbidden, so that all the flavors of dance that you and your partner know come together in this particular dance, and together the two of you create a dance just right for this particular song, in this particular moment.

Our venue is The Lab, 4336 University Way NE; you enter from the alley that runs in back of the UW bookstore. It's kinda like finding your way down the back alley to a speakeasy: it's back by the dumpsters; might seem a little sketchy. Use Streetview in that link to explore; rotate your view to look up & down the alley. There's no parking in the alley, but street parking in the U District is free after 8 pm. You can also park in the pay lot in back of the bookstore for $3 but you need to pay by 8:30 pm; after that there's no attendant to pay, so you could park, but, um, who knows? It's only a few yards from the NW corner of that lot to The Lab.

We're in The Lab's back room; if there's something going on in the front room when you arrive (currently WCS lessons), just slip quietly through to the back. We volunteer our time for this and there's no charge for the dance, but there will be a box out for donations, which we'll pass along to the leaseholder to help with venue expenses.

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