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Z's dance agenda

DtD = Dancing 'til Dusk

Summer classes:

Henry & Linda mix it up;
Gabriela & Z teach tango vals

This summer, Henry & Linda are teaching 3-week beginning classes in a bunch of different dances. Here's their schedule:

Linda and Henry have an easy, relaxed, hands-on teaching style that is perfect for helping beginning dancers get off to a good start. And we play music for all these dances at the dance following each class, so come start a new dance from scratch or brush up one you haven’t danced in a while. We’d love to see you there!

Zachariah & Gabriela Condrea teach Tango Vals August 3

Tango Vals is waltzing to fast waltzes using simple tango principles and vocabulary; it's so sweet. You can easily mix it in with your regular waltzing; Lynn and I do that all the time. Come add some tango pizazz to your waltz!

Gabriela is a beloved and very highly regarded tango teacher and author. You can read more about Gabriela and her book, When 1 + 1 = 1: The "Impossible" Connection on her website.

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