Welcome to Waltz etcetera! Now 2 weekly dances.

Waltz etcetera every Monday, Alt Tango etcetera every Wednesday.

Z's dance agenda

Calendar view here.

Monday pre-dance classes: Turning/Viennese Waltz

6:30 pm: Beginning and Intermediate drop-in classes run simultaneously. $15 for the class, or $20 for class + dance.

Viennese Waltz is the original waltz. That's where waltzing began; everything else is a variation or development of Viennese. And simply turning with your partner, spinning around the room is so very glorious; there's nothing else like it. The beginning class will focus on the basics: the left and right Viennese turns and the 3-count change figures (aka switches) that you use to change direction. In the intermediate class, we'll review & refine those basics, then add dramatic pauses and other variations to up the musicality. Read more about Turning/Viennese Waltz.

Zachariah & Lynn present Alt Tango etcetera

Wednesdays, 8 pm. We play music for intimate dancing: juicy, sensual, edgy, mostly contemporary artists; think alternative tango, fusion, alternative blues. We love tango, and we love mixing tango up with other dances. We volunteer our time for this, and there's no charge for the dance. We put out a box for donations, which we give to the guy who manages the studio, to help with his expenses.

Our venue is The Lab, 4336 University Way NE; you enter from the alley that runs in back of the UW bookstore; you can't get in from the front, even tho' it's an Ave address. It's a bit of an adventure, like finding your way down the alley to a speakeasy; tell 'em Joe sent ya. There's no parking in the alley, but street parking in the U District is free after 8 pm. You can also park in the bookstore's pay lot for $3, but you need to pay by 8:30 pm; after that there's no attendant on duty. You could park anyway, but we hear they may occasionally give out tickets to unpaid cars. The Lab is only a few yards from the NW corner of that lot.

We're in The Lab's back room; if there's something going on in the front room when you arrive, just slip quietly through to the back.

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